A Working Mom’s Challenge

I work full time. I have a teenage son and two daughters who are still in their toddler years. Suffice it to say, I hardly spend some time with them. I am very happy though as I have a reliable babysitter who comes over everyday to watch over them. I found her on a Sittercity reviews site which I stumbled upon while doing my research on online sitters. 

Feeling The Guilt

Through the years my kids have acquired their own schedules. I get updates from the babysitter who makes sure to give me a daily account of all their activities. I sometime feel guilty but I need to work to be able to save up for their college years.

The Big Decision

Concerned that I hardly see my kids, I decided to make it a point to come home for dinner at least once a week. This was a decision that made my husband very happy. He also works long hours. Thinking my idea was great, he also decided to make it a point to do the same thing. It was time we started to spend some time with the kids as they were growing up so fast.

The New Mission

I told the babysitter the new mission and she was very happy with it as well. The first dinner we had together was very memorable. I came home to see the kids all prepped for dinner. The house was in order and the babysitter had even cooked us a sumptuous meal. This was so unexpected but nonetheless, a pleasant surprise.

The babysitter had prepared the kids and even got my teenage son to come early to have dinner with us. The girls were too excited and were jumping up and down upon seeing me and their dad come home early. It was something that we should have thought of doing earlier.
Then the babysitter excitedly prepared herself to leave. She thought it was a private family affair and she wanted us to enjoy it. I was really grateful to her.

More Dinner Time Together

That dinner led to more dinners until my husband and I were able to make it five times a week. I did not worry about having to cook the meals because the babysitter took it upon herself to prepare everything before we got home. This is something that I am truly grateful for until  today. She has been a helping hand in getting the whole family together again for dinner time. While it took a lot of adjusting,  it was all worth it. It was truly a good quality time for all of us. By the way, if you are interested in learning more about how to manage your sitter and your family time, check out iparentinglife.